London Dry January Vol. III

2019 is here – and as some of you will know from previous years, I don’t do Dry January. I do “London Dry January”.

A celebration of the classically wonderful category of Gin. If you’re unsure of what a London Dry Gin is…just have a read of last years article here.

So for this month, as I do every January, I’m sticking to London Dry Gins. Why? Because I love them. Simple. I love the majority of the flavour profiles, I love the method in which the gin is made and I love how diverse the category is…while in 99% of cases, stick to the brief.

My 2019 predictions will be online soon, check back later this month, but in the mean time – lets take this month and enjoy some exciting new London’s Dry Gins and revisit some old favourites! In no particular order…

So first up on my must drink Gins of January is of course Brentingby Gin. Winner of my Gin of the Year 2018. Expect big things from these guys this year! This wonderful London Dry in its striking gold bottle will be sure to delight you!

Gin of the Year 2018 – Brentingby Gin

Second on my must try list and again, expecting BIG things this year are Bullards Gin. A previous runner up for Gin of the Year 2017 and fairly local to me – have just finished a successful round of “Ginvestor” crowdfunding to made headway if their massive new Distillery at Crystal House in Norwich. They’ve added an Old Tom to their portfolio (which I’ll feature next month) – and launched their gorgeous bespoke bottles! Judged “Best London Dry Gin” at the World Gin Awards of 2017 – this isn’t brand new, but still not been tried by far too many of you!

Fantastic New Bottle, Same Fantastic Gin

Number three – Fines Master Gin. Telling the story of friendship, sportsmanship and making a dream become reality with a Gin expert – you all need to “Follow the Fines” this month and check out this Gin. Citrus forward, expertly made and packaged slightly differently. Stay tuned for more on this Gin!


Fourth on the list is of course, Hayman’s Gin. Featuring consistently since The Gin Lord began, I always love to revisit their London Dry Gin. But last year, they took a huge leap and started the Call Time on Fake Gin campaign. I’d be surprised if anyone missed it, but if you did…I urge you to get involved!

Always Up There as a Favourite – Hayman’s Gin

Fifth and final must-try London Dry Gin is Holly’s Gin. Again, I’d be surprised if you have seen this stunning green vintage bottle all over social media – this is another Dream to Reality story. Holly has done an outstanding job, alongside her chosen Distillery – she’s kept it real, honest and transparent – and the Gin is absolutely delicious!

Holly’s Gin – a must-try for 2019

While there are dozens of London Dry Gins that I consider firm favourites – I have to limit myself on this article! Keep an eye on social media for many more London Dry’s this month!


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