(London) Dry January

Firstly, a big Happy New Year!  2017 was such a great year, and shortly I will be posting my 2017 Round-Up, with some of my personal highlights of the year.

But moving forward, I will be focussing on writing more articles, reviews and content.  This is the first!

So while some of you lunatics may be enjoying “Dry January” – many have opted for “Ginuary” – but for me, I want to celebrate all things London Dry.

Firstly, we must understand this term.  Some of you will already know this – but London Dry Gins do NOT have to be made in London.  Years ago, this was a little frustrating for the London distillers and very confusing for consumers.  I feel this confusion has reared its head again now we are in a big old Gin Craze at the moment.  What it does mean, is that the end product must be distilled (of course) with natural botanicals but NOTHING can be added post-distillation other than water, neutral spirit, and can only have a maximum of 0.1g of sugar per litre (barely any) – hence the “dry”.

Phew, geeky stuff over.  While yes, there is a huge variation of flavour in this category, I always just get this sense of familiarity when drinking a London Dry.

So – here are just some of my favourite London Dry Gin’s to get your through January!

Hayman’s London Dry Gin

This is not only incredible value for money, but should be a staple in any Gin Shelf or collection! 10 awesomely traditional botanicals, this perfectly balanced London Dry is an absolute winner.  Versatile, smooth and meticulously made – it’s a good place to start.

Greensand Ridge London Dry Gin

If you’re looking for something just that little bit more in terms of complexity – I’ve got you covered.  This is such a brilliant Gin. A big reminder of all those flavours we know and love, with added extras. Rose hip and Cobnuts give this a warming, almost autumnal feel, with honey and gorse flower just sending it smoothly on its way before you take the next sip.  Gorgeous.

Swedish Rose Gin – That Boutique-y Gin Company & Hernö

That Boutique-y Gin Company’s collaboration with Hernö is outstanding.  Subtle Rose Petal adds a delicate mouthfeel, but what I love it just the overall finish. This comes from the fact it’s blended with spirit aged in juniper wood casks. (While on the subject of Hernö – check their London Dry Gin out too – it’s awesome!)

Look, these are just three.  There are LOADS of really incredible London Dry Gins out there. All I ask, is this January, go out and try a London Dry you haven’t had before. Have it neat, mix it with a little tonic, just get under it’s skin and really appreciate these little beauties.

I will be posted a few more of my favourites on social media this month so keep an eye out! Tag me in your pictures, like and share as you always do.

London Dry January Competition is live so get snapping and tagging – see Instagram for more info!

Thank you! Until next time…

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