February: Gin of the Month – Norwich Gin

Towards the end of 2016, I was lucky enough to be invited to help celebrate the 1 year birthday of Bullards’ Norwich Gin. I’d sampled this little wonder earlier in the year at their beautiful home in The Ten Bells, Norwich – and now I was back there celebrating a pretty impressive first year.

After getting talking to Peter Smith, Head Distiller – I became more and more intrigued by not only their London Dry Gin, but the distillery as a whole – I could tell they were in for big things.  He showed me where the magic happens, opening up the still which was home to all their amazing botanicals (including the mysterious Tonka Bean) macerating, ready for a run the next day.  The smell was incredible.  He then went on to show me a few top-secret experiments he’d been working hard on, which hopefully we will see and enjoy this year!  I then had the pleasure of meeting Craig Allison, Company Director – and we shared our views on all things gin over their perfect serve Norwich G&T (see interview below).

Tonka Beans – the key botanical

The following week they told me they’d won Best London Dry Gin in the UK by the World Drinks Awards 2017.  A worthy addition to their awards, picking up Gold for The Spirit Business’ Micro-Distillery category earlier in the year.

The gin itself – on the nose you get deep earthy juniper being supported by some citrus and vanilla notes.  To taste, at 42.5% ABV, you get that silky smooth Tonka bean, juniper reminding you it’s there throughout and a finish of a kind of spiced-lavender.

This was a no-brainer for us to have this as February’s Gin of the Month – you need to try this!!!

Let’s see what Peter and Craig had to say.

Describe your Gin in three words

“Sweet, Smooth and Dry”

How should Norwich Gin be best enjoyed?

“Definitely best enjoyed as a double measure, over ice, orange peel and a premium tonic on the side.”

2016 was such a great year for you guys – what are your plans for 2017?

“You will hopefully see another product added to the portfolio.  New recipes take time to build, but we are really close to something special – keep an eye out!  We had such a good 2016, if we even achieve half of this – we will be very happy indeed…UK’s best London Dry…that’s a hard one to beat!”


“UK’s Best London Dry Gin 2017” 


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