Gin: Going into 2019 – What Can We Expect?

There’s no denying 2018 was a bonkers year yet again for Gin.

But are we going to see things calm down for 2019? Here are my predictions…

Firstly, an increase of Collaborations between distilleries, restaurants and other brands. I couldn’t agree with some of the other industry experts more – that this is an exciting direction for Gin.

Just look at the Craft Beer Industry – the sense of community there is fantastic. Pretty much most breweries have done a “collaboration brew” of some sort. Breweries such as Adnams, Northern Monk, Burnt Mill and Four Pure – all learning from each other, combining techniques and flavours is so exciting…and indeed – popular with the consumer. I predict more and more gin distilleries across the world will join forces and come up with something awesome…together. ‘That Boutique-y Gin Company’ have set the bar for sure, but there is so much more that can be done in this area. Reputable restaurants, celebrities and other recognisable brands are wanting a slice of the Gin Pie (for Goodness sake, please don’t release a Gin pie)

Next up: Novelty is going NOWHERE. Unfortunately – we will see more “Hot Cross Bun Gin” more Pink, more glitter and much more (apologies) shite. Gin is still In. So with that, comes even more gin flavoured cheese, sausages, lube and various other things that shouldn’t have Gin in the title. I do think this silliness could peak this year however – as surely everything has been done now hasn’t it?!

Lastly – a sense of true innovation, and what is considered “normal”. Don’t get me wrong – Gin isn’t about to disappear. People always ask when the bubble is going to burst. In short, it isn’t. Gin has created its own standalone category that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Sure, we may see a couple buy-outs/mergers, sales may start to plateau in places and sadly, we may see a few brands demise…but there are still things that can be done with Gin. There is still some exciting innovation going on that keeps the category fresh and exciting. There are still some forward thinking companies and exciting new flavours that just take things to another level.

The one thing I am praying for this year, is that everyone drinks smarter. Educating themselves, exploring what distilleries have to offer in “make your own gin” workshops or distillery tours – where they will learn what “Craft” actually means. In turn, having a better understanding on what they are drinking and more wise to some of the bullshit that is out there. A redefinition and regulation is very much needed…just not sure we will quite get there in 2019.


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