Jarrolds Gin

This one had been hiding from me, as when the lovely people at Jarrolds Gin reached out as part of my Aesthetic April month, I was intrigued to see if this was any good – as I hadn’t seen it before.

The bottle itself, while not bespoke as such, it’s label design is stunning. In the light, reminds you of a stained glass window. The purple and turquoise, with gold outlines patterns would sit proud on any gin shelf and draw the eye in.

Made in Chichester, there are two things I really really like about this gin.

Firstly, the ABV. A bold 48% – with botanicals such as grains of paradise and Persian limes – I was expecting this to be a little overpowering, but I was wrong.

The spice and heat rides the higher ABV alongside the intense citrus that lime can and does produce – gives an overall complex but balanced London Dry. Beautiful mouthfeel on each sip, I was drinking away while reading about their distillation process – have a look here.

The second thing I really like is that once they got the 7 botanical mix together – they’ve enhanced the juniper even more. Because, well it’s gin – but these guys really respect the category and chuck in some more of those beautiful little berries to give another kick to this beauty.

Worth seeking out – this flavoursome Gin packs a punch – makes an awesome Negroni – but likewise is lovely over a giant cube of ice on its own.

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