Le Tribute

On my radar for quite some time – I finally got my hands on a bottle of Le Tribute (and their tonic) thanks to Gin Kiosk.

Based just outside of Barcelona, Destilierias MG are the makers of this, along with other fine spirits. One you may be very familiar with – but I will leave you to go and find out which one!

Their aim to make a super premium Gin – Le Tribute certainly meets the brief. Firstly, the look of the bottle is undeniably stylish, with a matching tonic too – they certainly look perfect together.

It’s hefty copper lid is a nice addition too – screw rather than cork which initially surprised me – but I really like it.

But this month it’s all about the liquid. Does it stack up to a seriously impressive bottle and brand?

I guess, in short, yes however – it depends on what you like. This gin is incredibly complex, both the method in which it’s made, and the taste. It’s succulent up front – juicy fruit flavours of citrus fruits kick it all off – the more traditional flavours of juniper do take a bit of a back seat here, but it does watch on as the citrus evolves from fruit to peel.

For me personally I think it’s rather bloody pleasant. And then adding their tonic leaves you with an almighty G&T. This is certainly one to savour and enjoy each sip.

Overall I think this would be a popular gin with most – those who prefer a less sweet gin, or a more juniper led number may prefer something else however I think they would still enjoy it as a massive Gintonica.

Certainly one for my collection to stand proud on the shelf. Just need to stock up on the tonic now!

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