Isle of Harris Gin

What better way to start my Aesthetic April series than this.

Isle of Harris Gin. From the Outer Hebrides. Arguably one of the most stunning bottles on the market.

As you can see, the bespoke design consists of diagonal lines all round the glass, like the ripple of the sea beneath your feet on a beach. It’s also on their own glassware (which looks awesome alongside the bottle).

There are a few subtle little grooves and smooths around the bottle, that you don’t notice until pouring yourself the first measure – when you feel it on your fingers. Love it.

I thought I had noticed everything there was to notice on this bottle after having it for a few weeks, but I’ve just discovered the words “Esse Quam Videri” on the base of it, whilst writing this! Quick google later – “To be, rather than to seem” is the Latin to English translation. Brilliant.

The label, while small, has a big impact too – no two are the same as they are flecked with copper leaf and sugar kelp. What I find fascinating is that’s it…There is no long story on the back label, or a list of botanicals. Or anything for that matter. The bottle tells the story. Looking like there should be a message inside, after stumbling across it, washed up on a beach – the only thing inside is gin…so let’s see what we are dealing with here.

On the nose it’s rather sweet smelling, a sugary waft paired with the all too familiar juniper scent, along with a wee pine fragrance that I now expect out of Scottish Gins. To taste – can’t help but feel you’re drinking something special here. It certainly fills the senses of sea breeze. Bright citrus crashes against the tastebuds, as it goes back for another wave, a small amount of warming spice is left. There’s a kind of background hybrid flavour at the back – which I can only assume is the sugar kelp. It’s rather complex – seemingly a candied yet herbaceous finish to it. A little confusing on the tastebuds – but certainly very enjoyable!

I can honestly say the liquid lives up to the impressive bottle. I’m confident that the bottle and branding hasn’t had too much of an impact for me as it’s right up my alley in terms of flavour profile.

A great gin to start proceedings this month! With more on the way – this is going to take some beating!

Available to buy (along with a glass of you want…of course you do) HERE.


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