October: Gin of the Month – Jam Jar Gin

Now we’re all feeling the weather is slightly colder. Summer is gone…autumn is here. It won’t be long until Christmas! So to cure those blues – this is the perfect gin for you!!

Jam Jar Gin ticks so many boxes. Taste, smell, versatility and presentation. This is now an award-winning  product from Dan and Faye. Back not so long ago, it all started with a bet that they couldn’t produce a gin. They started obtaining botanicals (kept in jam jars!) to perfect their flavour. After telling friends and putting the idea on social media – they were encouraged to crowd-fund the idea of Jam Jar Gin. They gained their funding January 2015. In 2016, the hard work and excellence of their product has paid off – winning Silver Outstanding for the Gin and a Silver Medal in the Gin & Tonic Category at the IWSC.

Try freezing some raspberries in ice cubes to bring out that beautiful flavour

The only way to describe its main flavour profile is Raspberries and Cream. The stunning sweetness of raspberries (from raspberry leaves) and the smoothness of this perfectly distilled spirit gives it an almost creamy edge.

We spoke to Dan recently – here’s how he answered our usual Gin of the Month questions!

“Describe your Gin in three words”

“British Summer Garden”

“How should Jam Jar Gin best be enjoyed?”

“The short answer is however you like it best.  We’ve always loved experiments and trying new things – in fact that was what got us into gin in the first place. So every week, we share a new flavour idea that we’ve discovered – inspired by our bartender partners, customers or just something we find in the garden or out and about.

There’s always a new way to enjoy it but, of course, there are our old favourites. We’re big fans of the Clover Club, we have a signature martini which we call the Polish Vespa. And if you’re enjoying a Jam Jar Gin with tonic – we like Fever Tree Naturally Light or 1724 tonic with plenty of ice and a fresh raspberry.
And it’s always worth remembering the words of the legendary Harry Craddock, “the way to drink a cocktail is quickly, while it’s still laughing at you”. Responsibly, of course.”

“What’s next for you guys?”

“We’re never short of ideas – the trick is making the time to make them happen, as there are only two of us. We have some incredible new liquids in development, which should be ready next year or the year after.

Generally, if you go into the gin production with the sole aim of making a quick buck, we think it shows. We just want to keep helping people make delicious drinks with our gin and so we’re always on the look our for people who can help us share what we’re doing. We have some new exciting partnerships, which we’ll be announcing soon. As a small batch producer, it’s not about volume, it’s about finding creative people who just love gin and want to make something bloody marvellous.”

Guys, what more can we say. Head over and grab a bottle now – you won’t regret it.


“Make Something Bloody Marvellous” – It’s rather hard not to with Jam Jar Gin!


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