Struggles of a Gin Lover : Volume II – Gin Obsession

Obsession: An image, thought, or influence which continually fills or troubles the mind; a compulsive preoccupation, seemingly beyond one’s will to control.

That’s about right! You know when you’re obsessed with gin when…

1. Every supermarket you go in – you head straight for the spirits isle in the hope they are stocking a new gin

2. Every bar you frequent – your eyes scan the back wall to try and spot those all too familiar gin bottles. Hey, you may even show off a bit with your knowledge!

3. You get excited at any reference of gin. Whether it be spotting a bottle of Tarquins in the background of Channel 4s First Dates – or just simply hearing someone order a G & T on Eastenders. The best is when you hear Gin in a song!

4. Your friends on Facebook tag you in articles such as “10 Reasons to drink Gin” or “Gin Lovers are all psychopaths”

5. You become known as “the one who likes gin” – you get it for birthdays and Christmas. Your house is slowly filling up with bottles all shapes and sizes. Your birthday cards are Gin-themed. You find yourself buying signs such as “You’re the Gin to my tonic”

One comment

  1. Hehe it’s so true – I’ve had all the cards, could do with some more gin pressies and less of the psychopath posts, though!


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