Bank Holiday Special: Slingsby London Dry Gin

“The Spirit of Harrogate Captured in Slingsby Gin”

Every now and again, among the many lovely gins we try – something special pops up.

Slingsby Gin was a fine addition to our collection early last week. We tried it way back last year, and more recently their rhubarb gin at one of our favourite places – The Atlas Bar in Manchester.

These two, alongside a new Navy Strength – The Spirit Of Harrogate is shaping up to be a serious favourite selection of Gins.  But today we are looking specifically at the London Dry.

Remember our Three Rules of Gin? Let’s see how Slingsy stacks up…

The beautiful blue bottle is enough to catch anyone’s eye – giving that medicinal, chemist look. And what is inside is even more beautiful.

Slingsby gives you a beautiful natural sweetness like no other, rarely found in a London dry – not overpowering, just a perfect mix of grapefruit citrus, juniper and an almost blossom finish.

As summer starts to draw to a close in the UK and Europe, starting in other parts of the world – we think everyone should enjoy a Slingsby Gin right now!

We went with their suggestion of Slingsby and tonic with blueberries and a twist of  grapefruit.

Enjoy everyone!



“Perfect Serve” – Slingsby Gin with Blueberries and Grapefruit peel


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