August: Gin of the Month – Mews Gin

A few months ago we had the pleasure of tasting this up and coming gin. Created by a father and son duo – Richard and Daniel Mew – it was two years of careful research and precise product testing. The finished product is something quite spectacular.

We spoke to Richard recently to find out more!

Describe Mews Gin in three words.

RM: “Smooth, subtle and delicate”

How it best be enjoyed?

RM: “We think Mews Gin is smooth enough to be drunk on its own as a martini, possibly over a small cube of ice. As a G&T we would recommend going with a quality tonic without the astringency that comes with some mainstream brands. A small slice of cucumber works as a garnish or preferably three blueberries on a cocktail stick (makes no difference to the taste of the gin but a great to eat after you’ve finished!)”

What’s next, and what are your plans for the rest of 2016?

RM: “As a family business our aim is first and foremost to create a high quality product. We will continue to spread the word about our gin and aim to develop a discerning following who love our product as much as we do. We are developing a range of different gins (including a Medlar Gin) and looking to expand into bitters specifically designed to complement our gin.”

“Mews Gin” – Tastes amazing neat

Looking for a new summer gin for your collection? Look no further. Go get a bottle of this – it’s remarkably smooth, hints of citrus and a lovely sweetness from the ever popular pink peppercorn.





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