Three Rules of Gin

We have tried too many gins to name.  Mostly divine experiences with the occasional disappointment.  But for us, there are three golden rules when it comes to Gin – if they pass all three, the gin is classed worthy for Gin Lord HQ…

  1. Zero Burn – Every gin we try – We always drink it neat before adding anything else.  It should just burst with flavour and slip down easily. Sure, you will always get the alcohol hit, but at no point should it give you that nasty burn all the way down. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the key flavours. Add tonic or something else after to open it up to the next level.
  2. Juniper – this may sound a stupid thing to say, but juniper makes gin – gin.  Obvious to us all – but the gin market is growing every single day, with distillers pushing the boundaries.  Some gins do cross the taste line in our opinion, therefore they are no longer a gin.  We love different infusions and botanicals – but you should always have juniper tones, whether subtle or obvious.
  3. Branding – Call us shallow, but it has to look nice.  The bottle, the logo, the branding – effort should have gone in – particularly the bottle!  If this is to stand proud among your collection, it needs to look the part.

So there we have it – The Three Rules of Gin – according to The Gin Lord



  1. […] We first came across this wonder at The Gin Festival , where John Cherry, founder and creator, was showcasing his gin.  What struck us initially was John’s passion for what he does.  After giving us a detailed explanation and rundown of Locksley Distilling, we had the pleasure of tasting the Sir Robin.  Wow.  John has worked incredibly hard to create a true english sipping gin, it was an absolute delight to drink neat, which as you all know…is very important to us. […]


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