5 Things We Learned In Barcelona

Having just returned from our Ginventure in Barcelona – we are suffering from the holiday blues!  It was an incredible city – with some fantastic architecture, delicious food…and most importantly some new Gin Experiences!

1. No Half Measures

Every gin we had (which was a lot as you can imagine!) were all doubles. They refuse to sell singles. Something we think should be law in the UK.

2. Ice Ice Baby

The size of the ice cubes were HUGE – but when we spoke to Bruno at Old Fashioned bar – he explained this is how it should be done -keeps the drink colder and melts much slower.


3. A good selection goes a long way…

Nowhere we went had a poor selection of Gin. There were always a minimum of 10 gins to choose from. Monkey 47, Ginraw, Gin Mare and Seagram’s were staple choices for nearly all bars and restaurants.

Gin Selection in “Ultramarinos Hendricks”

4. The Price is Right

8€ for a Martini or Negroni and around 10€ for a double G&T seemed very reasonable.  Certainly something in England we are yet to get right!
5. Pimp My Gin

Forget your garnishes – they have taken the Gin and Tonic and gone to the next level.
“Bobby Gin” have taken Hendricks, Haymans Gin Liqueur, Tanquery 10 and No.3 and created what they call “Gin Fonk”. They are infused, aged, macerated and mixed with other botanicals to enhance what is already a good gin.  Secondly, in Old Fashioned – we enjoyed a Bulldog gin…with a blend of Jasmine tea, quince and apple – infused in a mini metal saucepan and lit with a blowtorch.

Bulldog Gin with a Jasmine Tea Infusion

Gin at the next level – visit Barcelona at your earliest opportunity!


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