June: Gin of the Month – Pink Pepper Gin

We have an extra special Gin of the Month for you – Audemus Spirits wonderfully delicious Pink Pepper Gin.

This one has caught our eye for quite sometime – with Pink Pepper being one of our favourite garnishes.

What Pink Pepper Gin does – is take you on a taste journey from pink pepper (obviously!) right through to sweet tones of vanilla and honey. It really is quite special and unique.

When we spoke to Ian Spink, “The Director of Doing” from Audemus Spirits – he told us Pink Pepper Gin is “designed to be an entirely unique, intense and aromatic gin – one that will age and evolve in both the bottle and in the glass.”

On the nose – you can’t miss that distinct Pepper scent. However when you taste it…it starts you with the pepper and very quickly changes to this intense sweetness of honey and vanilla. This is what makes this so special – along with the almighty Tonka bean – Pink Pepper delivered on it’s promise from Ian.

Certainly a new favourite at Gin Lord HQ – we enjoy this neat because it is so smooth, but you can’t beat a good traditional G&T – with of course, a sprinkling of pink peppers. Not only does this look awesome – it tastes awesome too.


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