Ginderella – Something Different

Every now and again, something different  crosses your taste buds. Ginderella Gin does exactly that. 

Ginderella comes from the beautiful Ghent in Belgium. What amazed us at first was that nearly every ingredient is foraged from Ghent! 

Ginderella – now you have our attention!

So we spoke to Jan Heyneman from Ginderella who told us what exactly was behind these new flavours…

“All botanicals are distilled separately and freshly – there are no dried botanicals in our gin…”

It’s made up of…

Three invasive exotic weeds

  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Himilayan Giant Blackberry
  • Giant Hogweed

Three classical weeds

  • Herb Robert
  • Lesser Swine Cress
  • Ground Ivy

Three classical botanicals

  • Fresh Black Pepper
  • Kaffir Lime
  • Juniper

“It took my brother nearly 2 years to optimise and fine tune the processes to extract the fresh botanicals…and started as a hobby.”

“What’s the best way to enjoy Ginderella?”

“It’s a 100% natural gin, actually very delicious neat and developed to be savored as such. 

Most of our customers prefer it with a tonic – I always suggest Fevertree Mediterranean with a thin slice of pear and a few black pepper grains.

Or my own favorite: A few fine slices of carrot and a couple of juniper berries.”

We did exactly that – and the results were heavenly!

Top: Carrot Ribbons & Juniper Berries. Bottom: Pear & Black Pepper
If your tastebuds are looking for something different – give Ginderella a try. Fresh and herbaceous, it leaves you with a clean taste of those incredible botanicals! 

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