Struggles of a Gin Lover – Volume I : Gin Snobbery

There is nothing worse than going to a pub or bar where you are faced with little or no choice of gin. Even worse, that the bar staff has no respect for gin and just pours a single measure in a tall glass, squeeze lime after lime over it and tosses the lifeless segments of citrus in the glass…

Can it get worse?  Yes it can – you watch in horror as an entire bottle of low quality, sugary tonic is poured all the way to the top of the glass…fizzing over the edge.

To finish – a single segment of lemon is placed carefully inside…you watch as the pips sink to the bottom of the glass.

As time goes on – I seem to be becoming increasingly annoyed with Gin Abuse.  It needs to stop.

So yes. I am a Gin-Snob…and proud of it.

Stay tuned for more “Struggles of a Gin Lover” over the coming weeks and months.



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