May: Gin of the Month – Fishers Gin

“Gin of the Month” – Enjoying Fishers Gin on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Over the weekend we revealed our May Gin of the Month to be Fishers Gin. This one was extra special for us as it is really close to Gin Lord HQ. We were lucky enough to be sent one of the first bottles – and it did not disappoint! So we caught up with Andrew from Fishers Gin – to find out more!

We are so excited about this Gin, especially it being so local to us – tell us your link to Suffolk, and the Gin business!

AH – My link to Suffolk is through my father’s family who are from Aldeburgh and nearby and have been involved with Adnams since it begun. I always been a big fan of Adnams gin and other distilled products due to the great skill that goes into them and also the interesting and very fruitful method of using local barley as the base. We wanted to amplify this with Fishers by using local ingredients that speak of the English coast and give people a taste of old English herbs which they won’t find in any other gins.

How do we best enjoy this lovely new addition to the collection?

Personally I always say neat with a really good gin and something so aromatic as Fishers. Poured over ice is great. We are still experimenting every day with the G&T – orange peel & Mediterranean tonic works well as it’s a bit stronger to match the gin. A good piece of lemon is also a favourite.  Fishers Martini with an olive is awesome!

Finally – what else do you have planned this year?

We need to focus on harvesting and drying enough botanicals (spinal specifically which is very hard to come by), and fulfilling the rest of our orders for UK, France, Italy & Spain.
We are also doing Imbibe, Taste of London, Gin Festival in August and Vinexpo in Hong Kong.

Fishers – Tells the story of the English Coast

So there we have it – watch this space everyone! It’s a fantastic Gin, we particularly enjoyed it on the beach over the Bank Holiday weekend! It went well with 1724 Tonic, poured over ice and garnished with some Suffolk Samphire – delicious!



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