The BeGINning

Lot’s of people ask me – “When did you start drinking Gin?!”

My first experience of both Gin and Tonic were not great…

With Gin – my first experience was as a young teenager on a Spanish Exchange with school.  They were big into street drinking – and you only had two choices… Red Wine and Coke or Gin and Fanta Lemon.  I opted for the latter and thus my first experience of Gin occurred. I wish I could tell you more, but unfortunately I don’t remember much more for some reason…

With Tonic – I was much younger.  About 6 or 7, I was so thirsty one afternoon after school so I raided my grandparents drinks cabinet. Grabbing what I assumed to be a delightful fizzy drink, much like my favourite, lemonade, I proceeded to gulp down this clear carbonated liquid.  The instant hit of tonic caused me to instantly spit it all over the floor in disgust.  I vowed never to drink such an awful tasting drink again.

So it took me until I was in my twenties before I dared try the combination of Gin and Tonic. And thankfully – I have never looked back since!


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