Malfy – The Story So Far…

So as we are celebrating March Madness, what better way than to revisit and old friend, resample a recent addition and go nuts for the new one.

Malfy Gin. For a long time “Con Limone” was a solo product, but now joined by some tasty siblings. Made in the beautiful county of Italy, things seem to be going from strength to strength for them – so let’s get tasting.

Not sure I’ve seen a reaction like I had with the latest release from Malfy Gin – Con Arancia. So many of you messaged me asking where you can get your hands on it. Good news U.K. readers – I understand it will be available on The Gin Kiosk very soon!

From left to right…

Firstly – Con Limone.

I think I first tried this about 3 years ago and it was always an interesting one for me. It’s always a big hit in my gin tastings – the clue is in the title. This Ronseal approach does the trick – Lemon is well and truly here – and my god is it good. It seems to encompass different levels – sherbet, waxy and fresh citrus all at once. Gin is in there…it gets pretty close to the line – but it’s still very enjoyable and refreshing. A great balance of flavour – between the zesty peel and fleshy fruit.

Originale – arrived at Gin Lord HQ back in October – it’s striking colour scheme is sure to pop out on a shelf across the globe – but how does it taste?

I still get a healthy kick of citrus, not of course on the same level as Con Limone – but it’s absolutely there. Juniper is more prominent as expected, overall its clean and crisp. Rather smooth mouthfeel with if I’m not mistaken, a little warmth at the end.

And then we have the brand new Con Arancia.

Blood orange is fresh, fleshy and vibrant. It’s juicy. It’s a stunning colour. What’s not to love?! But why Blood Orange, and not just orange? Well if you follow me on Instagram – you’ll be familiar with my unhealthy obsession with Blood Oranges. You get that soft and smooth orange flavour and aroma…but the “blood” just takes it up a notch, more sweet – calming the acidity of the citrus making it reminiscent of raspberry. Gin? Judging by the colour, you don’t need me to tell me that your traditional gin flavour profile is somewhat hidden underneath.

So please – seek these out. Enjoy just over some ice, or they do make awesome G&Ts and great in cocktails – but either way – you’re going to love them.

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