March Madness

This month, it’s time to talk about some of the mad things going on in Gin at the moment. Some, excitingly innovative…others, absolutely absurd.  Last year, some of my favourite Gin Tweeters (@GinMonkeyUK and @gin_a_ding_ding mainly!) started used the hashtag #stopfuckingwithgin – which hopefully opened the eyes of people to the world of novelty in gin. It’s worth checking out – very entertaining!

Lets start with a couple of recent examples…

Spreadable Gin. “No longer confined to a cut glass tumbler and mixed up with tonic water” – is the opening statement from the online retailer. (I am not naming them, nor linking this product – because quite honestly, it’s utterly ridiculous).  Now, I am all for innovation and new products – but this is a full on kick in the junipers for us Gin Lovers.  Firstly, the next line on the label under “Spreadable Gin” is “Gin & Tonic Marmalade” – straight away contradicting their opening statement about tonic water. Secondly, there is no alcohol in it as “it’s cooked off during the creation process” – so it begs the question…how the hell can it be called Spreadable Gin!?

This is not to say this concept can’t work.  Take Four Pillars Breakfast Negroni for example.  Taking their Gin-Steamed oranges fresh out of the basket on their still, post-distillation – rather than binning them, they make marmalade, add a dash of Campari and voila – a really tasty treat.

As Gin has become so massive in recent years, it’s expected that there will be a level of shit novelty that pops up here and there. G&T Fun Buns, motorcycle parts in bottles, distilled meat, G&T Soap, Gin Cheese, Gin Mayo – the list goes on and on. Most – utter crap, others are executed brilliantly…

So please, just because the word “Gin” is slapped on a product – unfortunately doesn’t automatically make it good.

In other mad news – my favourite person on Instagram Ryan Reynolds has bought Aviation Gin.  Joining other celebs taking a step into the world of spirits, this will be very interesting on two points. 1. How Aviation Gin will move forward? As you can imagine, their sales and social media following has gone through the roof since this announcement. A very good cocktail gin – but will we see new products? A re-brand? Keep a close eye over the next 12 months.. and 2. Does this pave the way for more celebrities to enter the world of Gin?  Guy Ritchie has already begun work on adding a distillery to his already open brewery in Wiltshire.  Adam Woodyatt and his wife Beverley, launched their Neat Gin at the end of last year – with great feedback so far.

I personally think this is very exciting! But…Who will be next?  Will Teresa May be looking for a collaboration to help launch “Brexit Gin”? Or will Heston be distilling his own glasses to add to his already questionable range of Gins in Waitrose? Who knows… I’m just booking my tickets to America to have a G&T with Deadpool.


  1. We love excitingly innovative gin creations too. Lovely article though I am rather partial to lovely thick cut marmalade on toast with a cup of earl grey tea too so Negroni’s innovation sounds delightful.


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