April: Gin of the Month – Mean Gin

April – spring is springing with maybe a few showers here in the UK – but we have just the thing to get you in the mood…

From Greenwich, Mean Gin is the creation of Chris Rogerson, a massive gin-fan but was yet to find a gin that matched his preferred taste exactly. 

He came up with a suitable botanical combination for a classic London Dry and began testing it – taking over his kitchen. 18 months later and countless recipes tried, Chris had the perfect end product. He then took it to “The Possessor of the Greatest Gin-Mind” of them all – Charles Maxwell, owner of Thames Distillers, who agreed to distill it in larger batches. Ladies and gentlemen – Mean Gin was ready to go. 

On the nose there is nothing unsuspecting, but to taste – oh my word. Impeccably smooth and it sends our tastebuds back to what Gin is all about. Juniper flourishes as a dry spice whips it’s way around your palate – cardamom dominates and a slight citrus zing finishes things nicely. A real traditional London Dry – and we bloody love it!

“Mean Gin”

Here’s what Chris had to say when we asked him the usual Gin of the Month questions…
Describe Mean Gin in three words…

“Versatile, classic, fresh”

How should Mean Gin best be enjoyed? 

“We’ve been doing a lot of experimenting lately, pairing Mean with the vast array of new tonic waters on the market. It matches particularly well with Fever-Tree’s Mediterranean tonic – or for something slightly different, try it with their Aromatic Tonic. An orange segment or twisted orange peel is the perfect garnish!

From a cocktail perspective, Mean is great in a Negroni – the bitter, orangey flavours pair well with Mean’s botanicals. To ‘summer-ize’ it into something slightly fresher, you can’t beat a Negroni Sour.”

What are you plans for the next 12 months?

“To get Mean into the hands, or glasses, of as many people as possible! Gin is obviously a crowded market at the moment, but feedback so far suggests Mean’s sheer quality and versatility set it apart. We’re expanding to further on-trade sellers list, and Mean should hopefully be available to buy on our website this month. We’re particularly keen on finding new ways of working it into cocktails – the UK has some amazing cocktail creators, and we want to work with as many as possible!”

Guys, I know I say it every month – but you have to try this – it makes a Mean Gin & Tonic…(sorry couldn’t resist!) This is what Gin of the Month is all about! Keep your eyes peeled for this little beauty. 


Mean Gin & Tonic with Orange – delicious!

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