March: Gin of the Month – Loch Ness Gin

2017 is whizzing by – with lots of exciting things planned coming round quicker than we can organise! But it’s still nice for us to sit down and really appreciate our Gin of the Month beauties. This month, joining the line-up is Loch Ness Gin

The idea of Loch Ness Gin was born because husband and wife Kevin and Lorien Cameron-Ross, live on the side of Loch Ness and are fortunate enough to have their own ‘black-gold’ juniper growing right on their doorstep.

They decided rather than sell it to other gin companies, they would create their own “Real & Rare” Gin.  The premium juniper alongside other botanicals which are hand picked from the side of Loch, are then distilled with water from their own water supply.  They believe that because they all come from the same terroir, this is what gives Loch Ness its distinctive smoothness.

Loch Ness Gin: “Real & Rare”
The bottle is designed to show a modern side to the Highlands but also to reflect the dark mysterious waters of the Loch itself, the bottle is translucent so sometimes it looks purple, sometimes it looks dark blue and sometimes it looks dark grey, just like the Loch itself. The ABV of 43.3% was chosen as the Loch has an average depth of 433 feet deep.

To taste – a slick, oily mouth feel – incredibly smooth. Beautifully bold juniper is extreme on the palate – a real treat. There’s a real dry fruit finish – kind of like blackcurrant – leaving you wanting more. The suggested serves below really do take it to the next level.

So answering our usual Gin of the Month questions…here is what Kevin and Lorien had to say.

Describe your Gin in three words

“Smooth, Distinctive and Mysterious”

How should Loch Ness best be enjoyed?

“Our Gin was made to be drank straight as a sipping gin however Scotch & Rye in Inverness came up with 3 serves that they thought suited our gin…”

1. With Indian Tonic & sliced Kiwi fruit which makes a delicious long serve

2. With Ginger Beer & slices of muddled rhubarb

3. With Soda water & a sliced vanilla pod (like an old style alcoholic cream soda)

What are the plans for the next 12 months?

“As we are a small team, plans for 2017 are simply to make people more aware of the brand, however there will only ever be four releases of ‘Real and Rare’ a year. We are also in the process of developing a sister Gin which will be ready later on in the year along with a few more smaller projects.”

Staying true to the definition of “small batch” – Loch Ness is a rare little beauty with a big personality. Make sure you get it while you can here


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