New Years Special: Durham Gin

Before we sign off for the year – have we got a treat for you!

Durham Gin is created in a 400ltr copper still called Lily – and the results are fantastic.

With the key botanicals macerated overnight such as juniper, Angelica and pink Pepper – the other botanicals are added the next morning.

To taste – your mouth gets a beautiful coating of liquorice – juniper rides the aniseed wave throughout, you get a nice spice and added sweeteners from the Pink Pepper too. Makes a mean G&T – but is fairly versatile to use in other cocktails.

Onto Durham Gins older, maturer & bolder sister. Cask Aged Gin is becoming more and more prominent in the Gin market – however I feel Gin gets slightly lost sometimes in the strong flavours and aromas. Not this one.

Durham Distiller’s Cask Aged Gin (rested in sherry and bourbon barrels) retains a certain level of “Gin-ness” with that liquorice still coming through as well as the other scrummy gin botanicals. Has a kick that can only be found in that cask ageing process. Over ice – it’s a sipper – one for this time of year after a decent meal.

Overall – I love this range – some bold flavours that aren’t for everyone – but a must-try of any gin-lover!

Fancy it? Thought so! Head on over to their online store here to purchase yours today. How about you pop in GINLORD10 for a cheeky 10% off too!!

To follow Durham Distillery check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time!

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