December: Gin of the Month – Trevethan Gin

Unbelievably it’s the last Gin of the Month for 2016 – what a year it has been!

So, we are proud to present our final Gin – Trevethan Gin.

Trevethan Gin – Photo courtesy of the very talented Beth Druce 


Spirits lover John Hall set out to make a gin 4 years ago, alongside his business partner Rob Cuffe. John joined the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and began going on as many distillery tours as possible.  He even got to meet the head distiller at Sipsmith and over a few beers picked his brains.

How “Trevethan” the brand was born, is such a great story – and this really comes through in their passion and branding of their product.  Rob told John about his Granddad…Norman Trevethan. Norman used to make home-made alcohols in his back shed; everything from parsnip wine to home brewed beer, he sounded like a real character. He also used to make his own version of Gin after they first moved onto the Port Eliot back in the 1920’s and it had been infamous within the family.


John spent the next 2 years talking to Rob and his Mother (The only person left alive to have tried the Gin) and began trying to recreate his recipe. After 2 years and around 25-30 different variations of the recipe Trevethan Gin was born.

This one-shot gin is made in a 300L still named Doris (named after John’s Gran who loved gin!)


The botanicals are…

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Cassia, Orange, Lemon, Vanilla, Cardamom, Gorse Flower and Elderflower – (the last two are picked at a family farm in Treneglos)


We LOVED this just over ice – but it makes a brilliant G&T with a slice of orange peel.  A slick and punchy juniper mouthfeel – followed by some beautiful floral notes.

John has also kindly answered our usual Gin of the Month Questions…

1.Describe your Gin in three words

“Traditional, smooth and Fragrant”

2. How should Trevethan best be enjoyed?

“It’s very much down to the individual because I know some people don’t like to drink straight spirits, however for me straight up with a slice of orange peel is just perfect. But if Tonic is required make sure it’s a light Tonic, I probably wouldn’t go for thtraditional indian style as it competes with our Juniper Kick too much. Fever ElderFlower is good, Poachers Irish Tonic another favourite. Then garnish with a citrus peel and herb usually, my favourite is orange and rosemary, but lemon and thyme work as do Grapefruit and Oregano. For a more festive drink go with Orange and Clove, Apple and Clove or Orange and Ginger.”

3. What’s next for Trevethan Gin?

“Firstly we want to reach as much of the UK with our Gin as possible and we would like to try and stay true to our artisan routes by looking for smaller scale independent distributors. We are currently looking at new premises which would allow us to have a small visitors centre and shop which our customers seem keen for us to do. We often get asked for tours, which we are happy to do when we are here but we need something more purpose built. We are thinking about some other products for 2017 but it’s still top secret at the moment!”

A massive THANK YOU to John and the Trevethan team for sharing so much with us and really giving us an amazing insight into this Gin.

So that’s the last Gin of the Month for 2016!

But don’t despair – we are running our votes over on Twitter and Instagram for YOU to choose The Gin Lord’s Gin of the Year 2016.

Finally, as a thank you for all your support this year – we will be giving away a bottle of your choice out of the 12 fantastic gins we have featured this year – check back later in the month to find out more.

Until then…



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