March: Celebrating The Good & Forgetting The Bad

What a mad few weeks it’s been in Gin…AGAIN!

In summary – if it’s not glittery, pink, sugary or outright wrong, apparently it’s not been worth talking about. Twitter has erupted with outrage each time new “Gin” related products have been announced. A few of my fellow Gin Enthusiasts have even been blocked when questioning a products legitimacy. Even The Sun newspaper decided to get involved and have a wee passive-aggressive pop at me.

So I though it would be a good time to have a look at some of the more positive new additions that have, or are about to hit the market.

Firstly, I was delighted to hear that Pothecary Gin have added another product to their impressive portfolio – Trinity. Stay tuned for more on this beauty later this month.

Hendricks have another Limited Edition release with their Midsummer Solstice Edition… Already attracting a lot of attention, I’m sure the first release will be hard to get hold of!

Firm favourite Tarquins have announced ‘The Weathered Seadog’ – a super limited edition of their incredible Navy gin, rested in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask – and I am 100% onboard.

After months of anticipation, Isle of Wight Distillery finally unveiled their new look Mermaid Gin – arguably the most stunning bottle to hit the market in years. Don’t worry, the liquid is bloody good too.

Mermaid Gin – Gorgeous new bottle from IOW Distillery

Brentingby (my Gin of 2018) and Hidden Curiosities (2017 runner up) have been also been very busy tinkering away with exciting new products too! Both promise to be very good indeed! More on those another time…you’re not going to want to miss these, trust me.

So LOADS going on in the Gin world at the moment – lots of activity with our existing favourite distilleries – with much more to come!


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