Flashback February

Not sure where January disappeared to – but here we are in February.

Hope you’re enjoying the new format of posts. This month I’ll be looking back over the last few years at what really kick started my Gin-career, but also the market as a whole.

After yet another record-breaking year for Gin last year, there are no signs of things slowing down. So I think it’s really important to remember why we love gin as much as we do, and not get lost in the forever expanding world of novelty that sits along side the phrase – “the next big thing”. Which by the way, as I get asked this on a near daily basis – “what will be the next big thing after Gin?”- short answer is, nothing. But that’s an article for another time.

So what Gins got me into gin?

As a drinker of gin for a long time now, my choice back in the day, would always be a Bombay Sapphire. Lighter, crisp and fragrant, I still remember the look I used to get from the bar-person and the roll of the eyes because it wasn’t Gordon’s.

I also remember the first time I had a Hendricks. A wee game-changer for a long time, this quickly showed me there is more to Gin…but had no idea how big it would get.

But the one that really got me interested in the industry was Hayman’s (another shout out to these guys, who also featured in London Dry January) After visiting their Distillery and meeting the team I realised, the story behind the Gin is just as important. People buy why you do something not necessarily what you do. Passion, provenance and enthusiasm seeps through with these guys which is what makes us fall for a product.

Next on my list is Martin Millers. Smooth and citrus forward – it was a go to for a long long time – and it’s great to see their social media presence take a massive step up in the last 12 months and become a really engaging brand.

Lastly, my most local distillery for a long time – Adnams. Alongside their awesome beers, they also pump out some serious spirits. Their flagship gin Copper House, while not my favourite gin in the world; it screamed premium and unique in my neck of the woods for years. People love and trust the brand. I personally love their First Rate Gin, which has undergone a branding transformation recently, and now stands proud alongside its siblings.

I’d be really interested to know – what was the one Gin that got you into Gin? Let’s celebrate our old favourites this month! So go grab a Gordon’s and (insert generic tonic here) – and raise your glass to the people that made gin great in the first place!

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