Colombo 7 Gin

London Dry January also brings us Colombo 7. A gin that has been around a few years now, I remember first tasting this at Junipalooza 2016.

So was delighted to get a bottle – and over the last few weeks have really been trying to uncover the botanicals.

I guess the first place to start is this little gem is made in Sri Lanka.  Certainly a first as far as I know.  What I really love is the talented makers don’t go overboard on the flavours – with a respectable 7 botanicals including curry leaves and ginger root.  Paired with some more usual gin botanicals – this is a really great take on our fave spirit.

Nose – Yup, Gin.  I mean that in the most serious way possible.  It’s a really decent aroma and the curry leaves aren’t dominant here…yet I’d still describe it as “green”.

Taste – Really bright and initially quite sweet.  Everything works in harmony, especially the curry leaf.  It wakes your senses all at once, yet still manages to sit along side the rest of the botanicals, rather than on top.

Serve: G and T wise, I went with the suggested Curry Leaf – which really enhanced those peppery notes.  But rather than impact the taste too much, it does give it a wonderful aroma that gets your taste buds going before you even have that first sip.

Also had this in a Martini, used slightly more Vermouth than usual and still held its own. I then went a bit rogue and popped a kaffir lime leaf to finish. Lovely.

Check Colombo 7 out here.


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