November: Gin of the Month – Dà Mhìle Botanical

We are back from out travels of Australia with so many tales to tell.  But not before Novembers Gin of the Month of course!

I wanted something in the mix for 2017 that was different, bold and packed with interesting flavour. Dà Mhìle Botanical Gin is just that.

Dà Mhìle is an independent, award-winning distillery based on an organic family farm in Ceredigion, west Wales. Using time-honoured distilling methods and organic ingredients to make the highest quality spirits, they were a company on my radar quite a few years ago (established in 2012) – but took me way too long to get tasting some of their products.

I recall back in 2015, tasting their “Seaweed” gin that some of you will be familiar with.  Designed to be sipped from an oyster shell, this certainly peaked my interest! Whilst the bottle branding was fairly basic and straight forward, the flavour was awesome.  So when back in June at Junipalooza, I saw them across the room and had to have another try!  Then I was introduced to the Botanical Gin.



Dà Mhìle Botanical Gin



A completely different flavour profile.  The nose is sharp, punchy and vibrant – getting all the senses on high alert for something mighty.  To taste…well…it’s big.  Floral notes are first to touch the tastebuds, but this is short lived with what’s to come.  Resinous juniper comes to the rescue, reminding you this is Gin, but brings an incredibly cool, mentholic finish, which you almost feel on your breath – like standing wrapped up on the welsh hills admiring the stunning views.  This Gin is not lost in many things, with tonic, you still get that big bold flavour and in a martini it just sits on the vermouth.  Brilliant.

We spoke to Cecelia from Sales and Marketing and John-James, head distiller – who kindly answered our usual Gin of the Month questions.

1. Describe the Gin in three words…

“Herby, Spiced and Floral”

2.  How should it best be enjoyed?

“Makes a lovely G&T with a slice of lime and a sprig of watercress (pictured).  But also, as stated on the bottle – it’s absolutely delicious with watermelon!”

3. What are the plans for the next 12 months?

“We’ll be releasing a ‘directors cut’, limited edition, of 50 bottles of our original, now 25 year old Springbank whisky as well as our own Welsh whisky. Then comes the busy Christmas season where the whole family is out working at various Christmas Markets throughout the UK!”

Eleven gins down…one more to go…Who will finish 2017 “Gin of the Year” – keep you’re eye on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in December when you will have your chance to vote for your favourite!



The Gin Lord

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