September: Gin of the Month – Bishops Gin

September: the rain is pouring, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer (here in the UK of course) and it looks like our short and sporadic summer is over.

So we need something to get us through, something fresh and enjoyable – but willing to warm us on these seemingly chilly evenings and wet weekends ahead.

Enter Bishops Gin, from Ponet Spirits.

Created in 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Bishop’s Gin was born out of the collaboration between Thierry Ponet & Matthieu Chaumont.  The name is a tribute to John Ponet, one of Thierry’s ancestors, former bishop of Winchester and a strong defender of the right of clergy members to take a wife.

They created the recipe of this unique London Dry as a tribute to the rich history of London Dry Gin, but using some a exquisite mix of new and old botanicals : juniper, coriander seed, lemon, lemongrass, liquorice, almond…and one other, something I personally haven’t come across before…


An exceptional ingredient : “Nasturtium”, an edible flower that grows wild in their garden, that is used by chefs all over the world – and is favoured for its peppery taste.

To taste, Oily Juniper anoints the liquorice to take charge fairly early on, giving a solid base to start proceedings.  But it’s not long before the citrus and lemongrass pave the way for the Nasturtium – which give’s it a very subtle green, savoury note – not in an obvious way, which makes it overall quite tight.  A pleasure.

So we spoke to Thierry Ponet recently – see below what he had to say when we put the usual Gin of the Month questions to him…

Describe Bishop’s Gin in Three Words…

Unique, versatile & slightly spicy

How should Bishop’s Gin best be enjoyed?

It’s should be enjoyed neat or with a dash of tonic. And it makes wonders in any Classic Cocktail recipe.

What’s the plan for Bishop’s Gin (and Ponet Spirits) over the next 12 Months?

We will be at Gourmet Paris, Bcb Berlin, The Spirit Show London and Taste of London.
  Also, we are looking to launch a new spirit! Hopefully soon, but you will have to wait and see over the coming months!!  In terms of distribution, we are now in Belgium, Spain, UK and very soon in Japan and Mexico.
Another fabulous gin  – 9 in, 3 more to go…Who will be next?
Until next time…

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