July: Gin of the Month – Jawbox Gin

The sun is here (sort of) in the U.K. – and it’s when we celebrate our summer. BBQs, Wimbledon and ice creams aplenty – oh, and of course – Gin!

Here we have our latest addition to the Gin Hall of Fame – Jawbox Gin.

Recently winning ‘Best New Business’ at the prestigious Belfast Business Awards, Jawbox is already making big waves in the industry.

Jawbox gets the name from back when communities in Belfast would gather round a metal sink (a Jawbox) to wash their clothes and dishes, and have a good old natter and gossip. A lovely little historic social link that’s now being repeated, but with Gin!

Founder, Gerry White, with over 30 years in hospitality, set out to make a classic and full bodied version of his favourite spirit. With the help of Drinksology and Master Distiller Graeme Millar, Jawbox Gin was born.

To taste, Juniper tells its familiar tale, however Cardamom gets the first word in, giving a vibrant shout of spice and warmth from the outset. In the middle, Citrus puts in its two-penneth, making a fresh and welcomed addition. Finally, a little sweet liquorice has the final say to round off this enjoyable classic.

July Gin of the Month – Jawbox Gin

We spoke to Gerry and here is what he had to say!

Describe Jawbox Gin in three words…

“Distinctive, Satisfying and Classical”

How should it best be enjoyed?

“The Signature Serve for Jawbox Gin is simply with a premium Ginger Ale, like Fevertree over lots of Ice and with a squeeze of fresh lime.”

What’s next for Jawbox?

“We have started working on our new bespoke bottle for Jawbox Gin which looks superb!  The main focus at the moment will be on the export markets, we have already exported to central Europe and Canada. We have received interest from countries such as China, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and talks with a distributor in the USA are well advanced. Jawbox Gin is certainly going from strength to strength!”

We since found out it’s available in Asda, M&S and selected Tesco and Sainsbury’s – so you have absolutely no excuse not to grab yourself a bottle. And of course online.

Cheers everyone – please tag us and @jawboxgin in any pictures – would be great to see you enjoying this little beauty!

Until next time…




Our favourite combo – Jawbox with Merchant’s Heart Ginger Ale



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