June: Gin of the Month – Scapegrace 

June – the Month of Gin.

World Gin Day, Negroni Week and the brilliant Junipalooza – it’s all going on! So we need a proper good Gin to celebrate!

Meet Scapegrace Gin.

Hailing from the beautiful land of New Zealand, Scapegrace apparently means “a complete rogue, mischievous or wayward person, libertine or habitually unscrupulous person.”  Due to a trademarking issue over here, our non-eu readers, you may know this Gin as “Rogue Society Gin“.

“Scapegrace” – Rogue, mischievous and wayward. 

The naughty little Gin is a real treat for Gin lovers as it is rather juniper forward than others, but has fiendish warmth, and rounded off nicely with a teasing tingle of citrus.  Just what we need this month!!

Lots of experimentation going on with this at Gin Lord HQ as it really is a wicked Gin for cocktails – particularly in a Negroni.

So we spoke to the UK Brand Ambassador Josh Linfitt and asked him the usual round of Gin of the Month questions. Here’s what he had to say…

Describe Scapegrace in 3 words

“Clean, fresh & rogue”

Josh with June’s Gin of the Month – picture from Scapegrace Gin

How should it best be enjoyed?

“Scapegrace is a gin that tastes of gin! It works an absolute treat in a gin and tonic or to mix it up with, 50ml Scapegrace, bitter lemon and a garnish of orange.

It stands its ground in any classic gin cocktail because that is exactly what it is … A classic Dry gin, think Martini, Martinez, Negroni, Aviation, Clover club, Gin fizz, French 75, Hanky Panky, Gimlet. We really like people to play around with flavours and make creations of their own.”

What’s in store for Scapegrace for 2017?

“We have some very exciting up and coming events happening over the next year, our takeover tour has already begun by visiting cities up and down the UK and creating one off bespoke menus with the teams at each venue, based around 3 main concepts Sustainability, Seasonality and Molecular techniques, it is a lot of fun seeing how each city has its own charm, attitude and flavours. All of the team in the venues we have hit have brought some amazing drinks to the table!

We are also rocking some great festivals this summer such as Grill stock and Farr Festival. Our Scapegrace van is currently being pimped out, soon to be heading up and down the country. We also have a few other amazing and exciting events and idea which we are keeping secret for the time being. Keep up to date with us by following us on social media and remember go rogue!”

Check the guys out social media – @scapegracegin and keep it rogue!

Until next time…



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